Information about Mental Illness & Homelessness

Ending Homelessness

To end homelessness of all men and women in Atlanta with a serious, chronic mental illness, these core services must be provided:

Mental health care
Substance abuse treatment
Supportive Housing and case management
Entitlements and income support

Determining the Dimensions of The Need and The Supply
With a severe shortage of both appropriate housing, accessible and comprehensive mental health services, residential substance abuse recovery programs, case management, and other key services, there must be a plan that with the utmost integrity and business-like approach, identifies the needs and lays out a business-like strategy for addressing each need including the costs of these services. Such a plan should address the following:

a. how many of our 6956 homeless men and women need these essential services
b. the present supply of each of these services
c. the number of people (including all those who will during the 10 years who will become homeless) who will need these services such as housing, mental health treatment, residential substance abuse recovery programs, etc.
d. a realistic projection of the extent to which the needs can be met and by when
e. the cost of providing these services to all those who need them
f. the estimate of how many of those in need of these services can be realistically provided with each of these services that will end their homelessness in the 10 year period
g. a 10 year timetable with yearly accounting of how many people have been provided the services needed to end their homelessness